Newfies to the Rescue – Tales of the Newfoundland dog

Newfies to the Rescue – Tales of the Newfoundland dog

52 page book – NEWFIES to the RESCUE – Tales of the Newfoundland dog

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Back in March, 2016…

I am putting the finishing touches on the cover of:


In this 52 page book, you will find remarkable stories of very exceptional Newfoundland dogs – both tales of yesteryear and tales of today. 

When our kids were teens, our daughter did a research paper on the Newfoundland dog.

The result – 2 beautiful, unforgettable Newfies joined the family!

Panda Bear & Dandie Lion

Newfies running BW

And what a trip it was…

(1 of 20 sketches and photos inside this book)

And… that is why I wrote this book.

The Newfoundland dog is a fascinating breed with a fascinating history.

Bred for water rescue, hauling heavy loads, acting as nannies, and even serving in the war, these dogs not only make excellent working dogs but also make exceptional family pets.

Many extraordinary events involving the intriguing Newfoundland have been recorded throughout history.

Did you know the course of world history may have been changed had it not been for the lifesaving instinct of a Newfie?

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