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Review of Roadblocks to Hell
by Dr. Carrie Wachsmann

Given a list of 50 plus characters, I thought reading Roadblocks to Hell would be a challenge.  Carrie’s book is a compelling read that offers insight into understanding man’s inhumanity to man. Wachsmann traces a pattern of faith and conviction that is a powerful and effective antidote to our natural tendency to offer solutions and give unappreciated advice. Human empathy, truth, understanding, faith, conviction, motivation, trust, thoughtfulness, courage, persistence, honesty, and self-direction are all strategically interwoven.

P. A. Lamarre, PhD (Education)
December 20, 2015

on January 11, 2016
The author took me into the story, placed me into the scenes. I could see the images she was describing. I enjoyed the book greatly and found it hard to put down. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to read a true story that gives an amazing picture of redemption.
on December 30, 2015
Roadblocks to Hell was recommended to me by a good friend, and I’m glad I took the journey. This is a story that talks about the power of redemption and working through difficult times and coming out stronger in the end. I would highly suggest reading this inspiring book.
on December 29, 2015
Sometimes as avid readers we need to venture outside of our comfort zone and read books that challenge us to think deeper about the world around us. Roadblocks to Hell was definitely one of those amazing reads that inspires, surprises, and makes you “think” about how  life can take you down a path towards redemption. I would highly recommend for an inspirational and thoughtful read. Five Stars
on December 29, 2015
I was at first paranoid when I saw this book but its title caught my attention and made me much more interested in reading the book. I thought it’s just one of the story extracts from the bible as some hungry author does.
This book contains inspiring, thoughtful, mind changing and faith lifting episodes.
I will definitely recommend this to my friend and will be looking forward to reading another piece from Wachsmann.
on December 29, 2015

I was initially apprehensive about the book, but gave it a try. I must say, money well spent. Reading the story as it unfolds had it all. Suspense, Excitement, Drama. At first, it took a bit to really get into it, but after couple of chapters, I could not put the book down.

I’m an avid reader who loves to read books that I can get lost in. I love books that can take me away into a wonderful escape. And I just loved the darkness of the story and it gives you that sense of curiosity as it is based on a true story. The Images certainly gives you an mental image of the story. Crimes do pay a heavy price. All and all Just Loved it.

on December 26, 2015
Wow, just outright amazing. This beautifully written book has captured my attention in such a way that many other books that I’ve read couldn’t. This author has talent and is a phenomenal writter. This book inspired me to push harder and fight when I’m going through trials and tribulations. Just like the character in this book, there were moments in my life where I experienced the same things and struggled but made it through, which made the character and I very courageous. I can definetly relate to this book and can’t wait for another well written book by Dr. Carrie
on December 25, 2015
I can’t believe this! Dr. Carrie is so gifted in the act of writing fiction. Good use of characters, Wow..this book crystallized everything for me. I thought it might be over-dramatic judging by the title..but it was a very well-written, knowledgeable, and easy to read story .
on December 24, 2015
Dr. Wachsmann has a way telling the story that makes you feel as though you are living it through the eyes of her well crafted characters. Obviously this is based on a true story and what an amazing story it is. I have read thousands of books and I have trouble remembering a special book that was so captivating. I just did. Read this book.
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Patricia and Carrie 2015 oct. copy
In this photo taken mid October 2015 – I am reminiscing  with the main character‘s wife. Her name is Peggy in my book.
Here’s her response to the book…
Eeeek!! The book is here! It’s called Roadblocks to Hell and it’s a fictionalized story of my husband’s life. This is me with author and friend. 
This book is well written and very accurate. The fictionalization involves names, some dialogue and dramatization.
The cores facts of the story are true. I highly recommend this book. It has brought back a lot of memories.”  
Patricia G
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 “I started reading it and couldn’t put it down. I read until I was finished. Carrie is such a good writer and this is a very interesting story.”  Bev S
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” An inspirational parallel story of Cali, a young girl with a simple trust in God who shares her growing years with Walt, a tormented and self-destructive boy. A beautiful, yet agonizing story of redemption, love and friendship.” Linda Richardson

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 “Love your book! Half way done! Very intriguing and very good.”  Alicia D 
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I could hardly put it down. I talked to a few friends who are waiting to read it.Sharon S 
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When I finished reading Roadblocks to Hell, I cried a lot and laughed too. With God’s help I’d like to get this book to every home schooler family. 
It is a must read for parents and teens too. It did a lot of work in my heart. You are an incredible writer, Carrie. Your books spells out clearly that God, not wanting for anyone to perish. God does send readblocks to hell in our lives. And God wants us to respond to His love regardless to the nature of our sin… A life is worth lived and continues. Cali’s and Manfred’s faithfulness through out and commitment to one person’s life can only be paralleled to God’s unfailing love. Saliem K

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on December 12, 2015   (
I felt very refreshed reading this special little book – a truly beautiful story of redemption and persistence in love. I found myself “cry-laughing” uncontrollably while reading the last chapter, something that happens to me for only certain things that I read or watch. Because of this, I believe this book resonated with me on a very deep spiritual level. Several things encouraged me about this book. Firstly, Cali’s sensitivity to the inner promptings she received and her dialog with God in how she was to be a part of Walther’s life (the man sentenced to years of imprisonment). This served, for me as a picture-example of how powerful it is to live a life that counts, even being kind and sympathetic to the those who have been discarded in life. It helped to show me that the deeper you love, the more exciting life gets. Secondly, it reminded me of how intricate and exact God can weave our lives together; that time, events, and people-readiness are divinely enmeshed. And thirdly, I very much enjoyed the redemption story of Walther. This showed me how a man with a very checkered past in the world’s eyes could be so misunderstood and how a convicted felon might even struggle to believe he was a candidate for God’s love. But amazingly, how when faith, love and hope are applied, ALL barriers can be broken through. It reminded and taught me that there truly is hope for anyone.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

on November 25, 2015

I got this book on Kindle Unlimited a few days ago and decided to get it forever since it is free today.

This book is not like a lot of the other books I read, but I think that was one of the things that made the read enjoyable. The first thing I noticed was that the book is a true story, or at least inspired by real life events. That made the go into the book with a different idea than I would have for fiction. It made me a little more reflective and thoughtful as I read, and I think it made the reading experience perfect. The book was insightful beautiful in the way you got to see imaged and learn about them and how they effected the characters we got to meet as we read. It truly was a book reading experience like no other. I am planning on getting a copy for my Aunt for Christmas since I think there are a lot of different parts that will really be exciting for her and also will be a nice reflection on her own life when she was little. I am really thankful for the author for being so vulnerable with the telling of this story! It was wonderful, and I hope it is just the first of more to come!

5.0 out of 5 stars 5-stars

on November 25, 2015
This book was really cool! I liked how it was all true and real and you feel like you were there for a lot of it too! I got it today while it was free, but I fee like if I paid money for it I would be happy too. And somtimes while I get free books I’m super bummed that they were not good even though I didn’t pay for them! Anyways, as a Christian I could relate to stuff in the story, and I think a lot of people might as well. I also really liked the cover since it made me think of Narnia right away, even though it’s not really the same story or anything. So yeah, get the book for sure while it is free or even if it’s not free anymore! It’s a good read for sure!
on November 25, 2015
A true based story where a boy of 15 trying to kill a police officer and finally went to jail.The most important thing of this story is a Mennonite girl from a strict religious background would connect and stay connected with this angry, rebellious man whose life was so antithetical to that of her own. A young boy born into a poverty and heading down a dangerous and tragic road. The most attractive and touchable line is-“It will be lonely here without you”
I love this book and will read it many more times.
If you do not read this book,you will miss a tragic and true story.
on November 25, 2015
This is one of those books that you can connect to and that will touch you on a personal and emotional level. I really loved the quote at the beginning of the book and how it ties into the plot, “Do not weep. See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has triumphed.” The purpose of this book is to provide hope, and honestly, it really does. The character’s struggles and perseverance to overcome those struggles gives so much encouragement. This book is written beautifully and is definitely worth the read. Five star material!!
on November 26, 2015
Author Dr. Carrie Wachsmann has a wonderful story to tell in this book “Roadblocks To Hell”
the story of Walther Colt and his very good friend Cali. God tends to put us in certain places at certain times. The Colt family and the Ginter Family interact thru many years of each other’s lives. What Walt tells Cali that he would like most in his life is to live on a farm. Although this is his Life’s dream he follows a much different path. With the decisions that he makes he often find himself in and out of prison or the hospital for mental health. His life story is one of an emotional roller-coaster with many ups and downs. He has few friends, but certainly one who is committed to him throughout his life. Cali comes to see him often in prison and acts as a character witness for him in the courtroom.
I want to thank the author for giving me the courage to write a story about my friend who went through a similar lifestyle.
Matthew 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
James 5:20 “remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins.”
Your story is well written and I am glad that I had an opportunity to read it.
on November 25, 2015

What an interesting read! I really enjoyed Roadblocks to Hell and had a hard time putting it down. I finished the story in one session. This is a book filled with so many emotions, including empathy, fear, worry, love, hope, faith, and much more. The relationship between Cali and Walt is one that most can relate to. Good girl befriends bad boy. This beautiful friendship goes further than that though. It’s easy to identify with both of the main characters. Walt has not had the easiest life and makes some bad choices, but isn’t a horrible person. Cali sees the good in him and decides to be the much needed confidant that he needs. Through their journey, the relationship grows and you root for Walt. The story is one of hope and trust. It reminds us of how important it is to never judge a book by its cover and to give love to those who need it most. It may just take one person to turn someone’s life around.

I really fell in love with the book and its characters. The author has a nice way of writing to keep us enticed. The story had ups and downs and left me wanting more with each page I read. I would highly suggest Roadblocks to Hell for anyone thinking about starting this book. Thanks for a great story

on November 25, 2015
This book seriously is an inspiration. I could not put it down! It completely captured me and really inspired me to think differently about my loved ones going down a self destructive road. If you are struggling with this type of situation, you will connect with this book. I related to so many of the plot points and can look at my own life and think wow, I want to do so much better for my loved ones. I will definitely read and re-read this book again and again for inspiration.
on November 28, 2015

As stated, the purpose of this book is, “To give hope to those who have loved ones traveling down a self-destructive road. To offer encouragement to those already on that road; that your life has a purpose, can change and become meaningful.”

My Mother is an alcoholic and I suffer from many different mental illnesses. The purpose of this book spoke to me the most in my decision to purchase it.

Something this book does that I adore and is hard to come by is a complete cast of characters. With most books, you walk into the story not knowing who anyone is, hoping all will be revealed in due time. With Roadblocks to Hell – a completely fitting title – the cast of characters is laid out in front of you in the very beginning and it creates a tone for the stories moving forward.

At first it is not clear who the story is actually about – Walt or Cali. As you continue reading, a slow realization that it is about both sets in. The way the story is situated is clearly organized and there is a meaningful message within each chapter. This is not just about someone’s life, or someone’s reactions to another person’s choices… This book touches on topics we all deal with: Love. Family. Religion. Faith. Tragedy. Redemption.

It’s almost as if you’re looking at someone else’s life displayed in a museum. I thoroughly enjoyed the style and the full story.

on November 26, 2015

I love this book. Not only is it a story of love, redemption, and friendship but if you are going through hardship yourself, you will find this book as an amazing inspiration. To see the trials and the trouble Walt has gone through and to see him overcome that and turn his life around. It took a while but Walt finally was able to redeem his character and find God. A path that started a little shaky but ended in deep rewards, I felt happy for Walt when he found peace at last.

I have a couple of friends I would recommend this to. Anybody interested in history as this fiction is based on a true story. Anybody interested in stories that involves the character going through a redemption as Walt has definitely achieved that. Anybody who loves to fall in love with character as I fallen in love with multiple people in this book. I fell in love with one of the parole officer who was so nice to Walt. I love this book and it has earned a place on my highly recomnend book list. I truly love this book and am sure anyone considering buying this book is bound to love it too. I am grateful and blessed to read this book as it also rewarded me with a new outlook on life. I highly recommend this book.

on November 29, 2015
This is the fictional account based on a true story. Walther Colt, a young man who is heading down the wrong path. He has made some bad decisions that stem from his upbringing and where life has placed him. Convicted of attempting to murder a police chief at fifteen, Walt is looking spending most of his young life behind bars. His only friend is Cali, a Mennonite girl who lives a disciplined life. The country girl stays in contact with Walt despite their vastly opposing lives. This emotional book tells of Walt’s troubled early life and the roadblocks he stumbles upon, the unconditional friendship he finds in Cali, and finally, the light at the end of the tunnel. The book was well-written and sweet—authoress Carrie Wachsmann does a lovely job creating characters that draw your attention and having you hoping for the best for them. I downloaded this while it was free on Thanksgiving and devoured it that evening. It was a lovely read for a family weekend. If you are looking for a deeply inspirational and moving read, I would suggest downloading this one as soon as possible.
on November 28, 2015
I have always liked and preferred novels / movies inspired by real life events. And this is no exception. It creates more interest and excitement considering that the real life events are unfolding in front of you and it is not somebody’s fertile imagination. The story is about 2 characters and their friendship and how they stay together through thick and thin despite many hurdles and many self-destructive choices, but in the end loyalty for each other wins. The story involves so many emotions relating to relationship between Cali and Walther and the author has expressed these feelings to perfection. I loved Carrie Wachsmann’s (author) style of writing as it creates so much interest in the story, I was eager to know what would be coming up in the next chapter. Definitely a must buy as it is a gem of a book.
on November 27, 2015
Dr. Carrie Wachsmann’s book “Roadblocks To Hell ” is an inspirational and motivational book based on true life events which am very glad I came across. It is also a mind-renewing and a life-transforming book. The author is a gifted writer, she writes so well and her way of writing is very clear with direct descriptions. I couldn’t help but to stick with the book to the end.This book would make a good gift or recommendation for Christians that are currently going through a rough time because there is a lot to learn from this wonderful book.
on December 2, 2015
Fascinating read filled with true events that make you ponder the meaning of life and the depth of forgiveness. How far is too far and can we ever offer someone too much grace? What would happen if we chose not to offer that grace to a person? It could dramatically change the course of life. Loved the writing style and the overall feel of the book. Easy to fall right into it and read until the last page. Definitely something for people to cherish and learn to appreciate life and relationships around us. Highly recommended!
on November 29, 2015
Roadblocks to Hell is based on a true story. With nothing in his life going according to plan, Walter Colt was convicted of attempted murder at 15. Throughout his trials and tribulations, he maintained a friendship with a simple country girl with strong Mennonite faith. It featured well-written characters with believable dialogue. Walter’s story was one of redemption. Its real-life origin helped make it both personal and poignant. I recommend this captivating book to any reader looking for an inspirational read!
on November 27, 2015

A beautiful read that had me wanting to go back for more and I will recommend to my Mother’s church to read. Highly descriptive and one of the few non-fiction books I will always want to re-read again.

I was surprised at first when I figured that this story is a true story about a man who spent majority of his life in turmoil. Even then he barely had a chance to interact with his childhood friend and he for her, she continued to stay by his side even when married.
This book gave me hope to never judge a person who has done badly, for we do not know what they are truly going through. It also showed that both “bad” and the greatest of Samaritans go through bad things so to also never judge a person based upon whether or not they are good or bad everyone goes through it.
This book also provided a powerful insight into how prison systems are not the way we all believe it to be: A freebie for the criminals. It goes into great depth of how the prison system is actually a war zone for criminals to protect themselves 24/7; which usually leads to the inmates having to sacrifice their sanity to feel safe in prison.
If you are a fellow Christian, someone who is need to learn that is still hope, a person who just got out of jail, I highly recommend this book as read.

5.0 out of 5 stars

on December 3, 2015

I was running through all kinds of emotion as I was reading the book, Cali was really a cute girl who faced unexpected situation through phased of life. She was no so ordinary Mennonite girl, at the age of 6 she had enough Church in her life. She has all those positive vibes about GOD.

By the time she was eight, she was addicted to the feeling of satisfaction and self-approval that came with academic achievement.
She was just twelve when this hard and fast curve ball hit her. Somehow, and no one knows how, she contacted Hepatitis A and she has to pull away from a school for one year.
I am not going to write all story here, I really want everyone to read this interesting true story once.

It makes you question the human race as to why we are so willing to believe the unbelievable, jump to conclusions that don’t make sense and put our fellow human beings to misery so quickly. It seems know one wants to admit they are wrong and eat some humble pie. A very emotion read and great story to know.

5.0 out of 5 stars

on November 29, 2015
I want to say that Roadblocks to Hell with so many twists and turns in it that it will definitely keep your attention. The story begins with Cali who is an over achiever who comes from a good religious family. Cali is often times ostracized by her peers because of her achievements. However, at a young age she learns that it is important to lean on her faith and not give in to the threats and bullying of her peers. Cali’s path later crosses with a troubled boy by the name of Walt Colt. Walt’s father is an abusive drunk with anger issues. His father’s transgressions create a dark shadow over Walt’s life. In fact the traumatic experiences effect him so much so that he is in and out of the prison system. Cali befriends Walt and we go along the ride of their friendship. This is a good story about relationships, religion, and tough social issues. This book is definitely worth reading.
on November 27, 2015
Roadblocks to Hell is based on a true story and revolves around the themes of trust, love, friendship, forgiveness, and redemption. It takes us on journey in the lives of two families over years and shows us how certain people can impact our lives towards good or bad. The author has done an excellent job with character development and helps us really feel the emotions of the characters and they face their trials.
on November 27, 2015

A beautiful, poignant story that is so incredibly, lyrically captivating you are seduced from the very first word. An absolute work of art, each page overflows with beautiful, sensual, evocative images.

About the book:

Roadblocks to Hell is based on a true story. I am very much impressed with Author’s narration and writing style.

To give hope to those who have loved ones traveling down a self-destructive road.
To offer encouragement to those already on that road; that your life has a purpose, can change and become meaningful.

These are the two most interesting characters I found in book apart from story.

The girl named Cali Ginter, she was an extra ordinary girl, free spirited and adventurous, Cali was always teaching her siblings something; how to climb chairs, or trees, catch butterflies, how to fish for bass in the pond, and build forts and dig snow caves.

Walt was an interesting character too, He took notes about everything. He always carried a little notebook in his pocket.

Such is the skill and authority of Carrie Wachsmann writing, I feel as though I have spent hours, being entertained. Utterly Satisfying. I want to read it again for the very first time!

5.0 out of 5 stars

on November 27, 2015
Roadblocks to Hell is based on a true story. The story begins with Cali who is an over achiever who comes from a good religious family. The story involves so many emotions relating to relationship between Cali and Walther and the author has expressed these feelings to perfection. I would recommend Carrie Wachsmann awesome book to anyone who is looking for an interesting and wonderful plot.
on November 26, 2015
A wonderful read. The story carries you thru the whole book. Roadblocks to Hell is a book that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an interesting and wonderful plot This was the first Carrie Wachsmann book I read, but it will not be the last one that that I read.
on December 2, 2015
Tension. Humor. Pathos. Redemption
All these elements and more can be found in Roadblocks to Hell.
Can 15 year old Walther Colt survive the cruel, callous and cold-blooded convicts of a federal pen?
Why does Cali remain his friend?
How many Mounties were shot at the Burnaby shootout and why?
Have a look at the newspaper articles.
Is there hope for Walt? Answers to these questions are found in this fictional biography based on real events.
on February 27, 2016
A compelling account documenting the pain filled journey of a troubled young man and his connection to a life long friend and her family who modeled for him the amazing grace and unconditional love of God.
on November 25, 2015
Interesting story.
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“Author Carrie Wachsmann has crafted a tale of an unlikely friendship that stuck like super glue through the seasons of time. Storms of self-destructive choices beat against the relationship, nevertheless character was forged in the fire producing a loyalty that lasted until the end.
Each chapter has you wondering what will happen next, surely Walther will not let his anger get the best of him, now what will Cali do? A true story of redemption that leaves you with hope for those who seem to have fallen through the cracks in our society as broken and unrepairable.
A true story of what friendship looks like from two different sides of the coin, the simplicity of kindness that has far reaching effects and impact.”
Linda Z  
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“For 2 years and 9 months I have watched Dr. Wachsmann (:)) create and revise the compelling story of Walther Colt. Not only is the narrative well told, but the pictures also form an integral part of telling Walther’s story.
“Since I play a role in the story, I will admit to my bias. Dr. Carrie portrays our interactions with Walther accurately. Because Walt’s tale is riveting, there was no need for embellishment. Over the years he was always in our prayers. We saw his struggles and helped him as we were able.
“I can truly say that this is a triumphant story of redemption.
“If you or someone you know and love is going through a difficult time, this book is for you. You probably won’t be able to put it down.
“Please read it and pass it on.”
Dr. Win Wachsmann