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Welcome to my Storyteller author’s site

ROADBLOCKS to HELL -categorized as fictional/biographical  –  True Crime 

“riveting tale of redemption”

What are people saying?  Find out here – The REVIEWS are in…

Here’s the trailer for my latest book Roadblocks to Hell

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Cover A FONT 2league SEAL2 front page

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Previously published works…

The RYDER – a Fantasy Adventure

The Ryder 2015 cover 5

My blog (2008 – ?) – Nuggets of Gold 

Storyteller Nuggets blog 2.

You can find me on:


Carrie Wachsmann – Storyteller


Nuggets of Gold

I welcome comments and discussion.

Contact :  carrie@wachsmannstudios.com

Carrie has a M.Min (Professional Writer), and D.Min (Fine Arts and Media).

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