MGM Roar – What’s the Story?

MGM Roar – What’s the Story?

A little bit of movie making history…

Jackie’s ROAR (recorded in 1928) being recorded for use at the beginning of MGM talking movies.

A sound stage was built around his cage to make the recording.” (Wikipedia)

Jackie was the second lion used for the MGM logo. He died in 1952.


The first lion trained for the film studio was Slats. During 1924 – 1928, Slats was the lion featured on all black-and-white MGM films.

Slats died in 1936. His hide is currently on display at the McPherson Museum in McPherson, Kansas.

So you want to be in the film industry?

Mr. Sound Man & Mr. Camera Man look relaxed enough in this impressive shot… but I’m guessing they’re sweating just a little.

“So what was your day at work like today, honey?”

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