Read & Write by Candle Light to Step-up Your Writing

Read & Write by Candle Light to Step-up Your Writing

So…how will reading and writing by candlelight step-up my writing?

There was a time when this antiquated practice was the one and only option. But today??!! Is this really necessary? Certainly not. But why not humor me?

Something doesn’t have to be necessary, to be effective.

Doesn’t simply the thought – the visual, translate you into story land?

What marvelous stories can one conjure up with an image like this?

And then… what if you actually did light that candle…?

Go ahead… light your candle.

Here are 5 sure-fire, practical tips to step-up your writing.

1. Take time to read... and read some more.

Intentionally expose yourself to different writing styles and genres.

Stretch yourself – get out of your comfort zone.

Familiarize yourself with authors whose work captures your attention and inspires you.

Ask yourself, “What can I learn from these authors?”

Take notes…. which brings us to our 2nd. point.

2. Keep a journal.

Keeping a journal improves long-term memory retention and sharpens your ability to visualize what you are reading or hearing.

A journal is also used to document events; events with details you might wish to include in your writing at some point in time.

Write down your ideas when you think of them. Keep your pen and paper close to your candle – or laptop – or notepad – or iPad –  or cell phone.

If something catches your attention, intrigues or interests you, make a note of it.

3. Join a writing group.

This group can be online or in your community.

This is an excellent way to meet fellow writers and authors.

Note: Be sure to ask them what they do to improve their writing skills. Perhaps introduce them to reading and writing by candlelight.

Joining a writers’ group in your community has greater benefits than just the online connecting.

Why? You get to practice your out-loud reading skills – to present to a live audience. Every aspiring author needs this experience. Don’t bypass this important part of your writing journey. Everybody has stage fright. You’ll just have to get over it.

Practicing my out-loud reading skills. ©
Practicing my out-loud reading skills. ©

4. Attend a writer’s workshop – or take a writing class every now and again.

Even though I had no interest in technical writing, I took a technical writing course because I knew it would improve my overall writing skills. I gained new perspectives about writing for my audience.

I also took expository writing, writing for children, essay writing, journalism, and, of course, creative writing courses.

My husband taught me script writing.

Workshops and seminars/classes are also a great way to meet other authors, writers, editors and publishers; people you need to have in your sphere of influence if you are a serious writer.

5. Who’s your writing buddy? 

1. Someone whom you can trust with your creative endeavors.
2. Someone who will give you honest feedback.
3. Someone who’s rooting for you.
4. Someone who’ll light that candle with you.
5. And you can do the same for them.

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    • I have both taught and had a local writing group in Abbotsford – but not this year. This year I wanted to focus on getting some of my books published.
      I found a few (but very limited) group options in Abbotsford – noted on the Federation of BC Writers site –
      What type of writer’s group would you like to be part of?

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