Horse Whisperer Who Rescues Percherons

Horse Whisperer Who Rescues Percherons

Horse whisperer, Mel and his wife Irene, live on a farm in Southern Manitoba.

This is the story of the Percheron draft horses they rescue. 

The Rush’s farm is a sanctuary for these large magnificent draft horses. There is little use for these horses in our day and age, and so they are often left unattended in the farmers’ fields. Lack of care and attention results in a very powerful, wild and unmanageable animal.

Mel is a true horse whisperer. He rescues Percherons and takes on the challenge of taming these powerful beasts. With both patience and love, they become useful and gentle creatures.

On several occasions over the Christmas holiday season, I’ve had the opportunity to visit the farm. Each time I am treated to a old-fashioned sleigh ride drawn by two powerful draft horses. The first time it was Silver and Dollar hitched to the sleigh.

Rescued Percherons - Carrie ©
Oh, what fun it is to ride in a two-horse open sleigh… – Carrie ©

That day Mel told me of the latest acquired two-year-old Percheron named Diamond.

Diamond had spent his entire life out in some farmer’s field. He was wild and tough and full of fire. No one could touch him. Without attention, his life would be a short one. With great difficulty they were able to catch him and have him transported to the Rush’s farm.

When I first saw Diamond, he was running free and wild in the fields at his new home. Mel stated that at this time, all attempts at getting near the horse were futile. The horse had been with them for several months.

A year passed and I once again visit the farm.

Mel hitches up two beautiful black Percherons to the sleigh and we are ready for another ride through the acres of fresh snow and bush land.

He hands ME the reigns!

I take them… and feel the thrill of the ride in a whole new way.

Mel tells me that the horse on the left is Diamond.

Diamond & Silver - Carrie ©
Diamond & Silver – Carrie ©


I am astonished. This horse was gentle and intelligent, attentive and eager to work – and loving every minute of pulling the load behind him. Diamond was transformed.

“How did you do it?” I ask.

Mel tells me how they had finally lassoed Diamond and then wrapped the end of the rope around a large tree trunk. Seemingly effortlessly, Diamond pulled the tree with the roots out of the ground and dragged it around the field until he was exhausted.

The battle of the wills had been won. Now they were able to bridle him and lead him quietly to the barn. Soon Diamond’s natural gentle nature and love of companionship rose to the surface under the kind and expert hand of the horse whisperer, Mel.

Come along for the ride …

This is Sedra.

Rush’s beautiful 6 month old Bernard. She was a delight to have on the ride with us. She’d race ahead, then sit patiently for our sleigh to catch up.

Waiting for the sleigh - Carrie ©
Waiting for the sleigh – Carrie ©

Sedra rescuing someone who fell off the wagon…

Sedra rescuing one who fell off the wagon - Carrie ©
Sedra rescuing one who “fell off the wagon” – Carrie ©

Do you know what this is called or what it was used for?

Antique in the snow - Carrie ©
Antique in the snow – Carrie ©

I think it’s a manure spreader.

Looks like a Chevy under that blanket of snow…

Antique car snow bound - Carrie ©
Antique car – snow bound – Carrie ©

Back at the farm…

Looking for sugar cubes - Carrie ©
Looking for sugar cubes – Carrie ©

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