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Welcome to my Storyteller author’s site

Treasures are found in simple things –

Storytelling is one such treasure

I am a writer and artist who wants to help keep the art of storytelling alive. Whether I am writing about fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or true crime adventure, sharing visual arts or other creative endeavors, this blog will have a little of everything. 

You’re sure to find some nuggets of gold – some treasures of information that I or others have gleaned along life’s journey.

Like a good old favorite pair of blue jeans, a golden nugget of truth or wisdom wears well.

We all have stories to tell and wisdom to share from our experiences and connections. I hope you enjoy visiting my storytelling site and keep coming back for more. 

Thank you for visiting. 


Below you will see a list of my published works.

The promised trailer: 

Here’s the trailer for Roadblocks to Hell – true crime, fiction based on a true story. 

ROADBLOCKS to HELL – categorized as fictional/biographical – True Crime 

A “riveting tale of redemption”

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 The RYDER  – a Fantasy Adventure

The Ryder 2015 cover 5


Treasure Trap – Sequel to The RYDER


Newfies to the Rescue 

Finding Christmas – A mouse in search of Christmas



Chuzzle’s Incredible Journey


Kickstart to a Healthier You

You can find me on:


Carrie Wachsmann – Storyteller


Nuggets of Gold   – my first blog

I welcome comments and discussion.

Feel free to contact me at carrie@wachsmannstudios.com

Carrie has a M.Min (Professional Writer), and D.Min (Fine Arts and Media).


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