The Emerald Green Dress

Based on a true story (circa 1982) Carrie Wachsmann 

Proverbs 10:22
The blessing of the LORD brings [true] riches, and He adds no sorrow to it [for it comes as a blessing from God]. AMP: Amplified Bible

Sara stood staring into her closet, trying to decide what she wanted to wear that day. She was feeling a little ungrateful at the moment. Pretty much all of her attire was thrift store or hand-me-overs. Not to say she wasn’t thankful; she was very thankful for all the good deals she had found. But at that moment, she wished she could go to the mall and pick out an outfit. A dress, maybe. Just once.

A wave of guilt swept in. There would be time enough for that… one day, but right now, they had a family to feed, and work was scarce.

“I’m sorry.” Sara was talking to God as she often would do. “I don’t mean to complain. You do so many good things for us, and I am so grateful. It’s just that I’ve been thinking about what the pastor said on Sunday; how you adorn and clothe the lilies and the fields. And about how much more you will do for your children. The pastor, he said, You want to know my heart; You want me to be honest with you. And that You want to bless us with more than just things we need. So… I was thinking, I would really like an emerald green dress. I know, it’s not a necessity, and it doesn’t matter whether I get one or not. But I’m just putting it out there. So you know, is all.”

And Sara went on with her day, her spirits lifted. She put the emerald green dress to rest, not giving it another thought.

Five years later – 1987

Sara and her aunt Elma were riding VIA Rail—through the majestic Rocky Mountains and across the prairies. Their destination—her hometown, Steinbach, Manitoba. Sara’s younger brother was getting married.

Sara was ever-so excited. Not only would she spend time with family, many of whom she had not seen for years, she also got to enjoy the wonders of the winter-wonderland travelling by train through the Rockies.

This was an adventure she had never dared to even dream of. But, God, who knows the heart better than we, loves to bless His children (Matthew 7:11). Something which she was beginning to understand just a little.

Now, Aunt Elma liked to travel and make an adventure of it. She was also very generous and enjoyed travelling with company. It was Aunt Elma’s idea and all at her expense.!

Sitting high up in the glass dome car, Sara watched mesmerized as scene after scene of white snowy winter wonderland and stunning wildlife rolled by.

The day after the wedding

“Your sister and I would like to take you shopping for a dress today.”

“Shopping! For a dress?”

“Well, it’s your birthday coming up, and this is our chance to do something special for you. Who knows how long it will be before you come to visit us again,” Sara’s mother replied.

I’m sure you already know the ending to this story. But some details are worth mentioning. When they entered the first dress shop (one of several they visited), Sara had barely stepped through the door when she spotted the dress on the rack, squished between other dresses, directly across the room! There it was! Her emerald green dress!

Oh, she still tried on many other dresses; after all, this was a shopping event. But she knew that was the dress she would be taking home with her—the one she had mentioned in passing to her heavenly Father some five years earlier.

Now, Isn’t that just like our awesome heavenly Father?

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