Spy or Die – my latest novel

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Spy or Die – A spy, crime thriller and romance novel with spiritual content.

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Anyone buckling down to write a book knows it takes time, commitment, and, yes, courage. After all, you are putting yourself out there. 


Spy or Die cover
Spy or Die Novel Cover – ©  Carrie Wachsmann 

My happy place is when I am focused, making characters come alive, engaged in an adventure of a lifetime and living to tell about it.

Creating this action-filled, could-very-well-be-true-if-you-are-a-conspiracy-theorist, crime thriller, is a lot of fun.  

Spy or Die, has three main themes running through it. They are “forever young”, “the God factor” and “human trafficking.” 

Forever young.” Growing older can be both challenging and great at the same time. Part of it is one’s choice, I am discovering. At some point in our growing older, we all come to that place where we have to address the fact that we are no longer 25, or 35, or 45.

And at some point we all come face to face with our mortality – “the God factor.” 

“Human trafficking”
 – Human suffering is a tragic part of this world. Can we make a difference? Do our choices and the stand we take for truth and righteousness make a difference? What can I do, regardless of age, to help ease the suffering of others around me?

After turning 50, wanting to deal with my not-necessarily-accurate perceptions of growing older, (one being at some point you get put on the shelf) I started working on a story that addressed some of my misperceptions.  I had a simple idea for a story, not caring if it would develop into a novel or not. The pressure was off. I was able to have some fun with a storyline that captures some of the fears and hopes, challenges and  tragedies, impossibilities and victories that one can experience during a lifetime. 

Logline: A kidnapped woman, as well as five others, is trained and engineered to become a superwoman and take over the world. Can her husband and his Navy Seal buddies find her and rescue them? Will they defeat the evil, demonic billionaire technologist behind it all?

Dani Wells has just turned 50. She is married to Jack Wells, a retired Navy Seal and also worked in the CID (Criminal Investigation Division, US Marine Corps)  

Dani works as a research analyst specialist for the Adams, Adams & Gray law firm. Jack, alongside his friend, Rev. Graham Smith, works with at-risk youth under a program they developed called Adventures in Attitudes. Bentley, Jack’s retired service dog, a Rottweiler, never leaves his side.

Mistaken for someone else, Dani is kidnapped and becomes entangled  in a sinister, deadly game of Spy or Die, a  game she must win or she WILL die.

Does Dani survive? How does she deal with the impossible situation she suddenly finds herself in? From where does she gain her strength and courage? Can we apply this fictitious narrative in some way to our lives, our life choices, our impossibilities? Perhaps we can. 















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