Life Drawing – Try it Sometime

When carving out some time for yourself, if you aren’t already doing so, why not try life drawing? Just for the fun of it.

Simply put, Life drawing or figure drawing is the drawing of the human form in various poses.

What this means you have a limited time to sketch your subject. The subject is always moving or, if posing, they can only hold that pose for a few minutes.

Maybe sketch your spouse or kids or pet doing whatever it is they are doing.

Here are a few sketches I’ve done during Life Drawing sketch sessions.

life drawing – the girl with a flare ©
Life drawing – Woman in her wedding dress ©
Life drawing – girl with flare ©
Life drawing – the swimmer ©

This wedding dress was hand made by the woman who wore it on her wedding day.

Wedding dress – beading ©

Notice the intricate detailed lace and beadwork on this exquisite dress.

3 Famous Life Drawing artists:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci: Father Of Modern Art.
  • Rembrandt, The Dutch Master.
  • Andy Warhol And The Pop Art Movement

You can learn about them and Life Drawing here:

Life Drawing at Berry Beat Festival downtown Abbotsford, BC ©

Next post – I’ll share some Still Life Drawings.

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