Treasure Trap – “You’re not too young to read it… you’re not too old.”

Illustration  © of 3 Snow Leopards from Treasure Trap…

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This entry was written while I was working on Treasure Trap.

Treasure trap is complete and I am feeling really good about that… but by complete I mean the storytelling is complete.  I’ve still got some serious left-brain work to do… before I venture into my NEXT cleverish, imaginative narrative. (Just setting the stage).

For now I’ve got to concentrate on editing and proofing THIS present cleverish, imaginative narrative..

  • Well suited for family reading..
  • A great read for the young at heart. 
  • Filled with adventure and suspense.

Treasure Trap is the sequel to my first novel called The RYDER.  ( visit for the background story to the series) You can buy it here:

As one grade 6 student who enjoyed The Ryder said …

You’re not too young to read it and you’re not too old to read it.”

The same goes for Treasure Trap.

Let’s take a sneak preview – 

Not of their own doing, David and Jessica (brother and sister)  encounter some unusual and adrenal pumping situations.

Here’s a sketch of David and Jessica… having just past through a portal into another time and place… only to find themselves smack dab in the middle of big trouble.

Mr. Wolf –  appearances can be deceiving.

Here comes our main antagonist – Mr. Polzin

Antagonist, Mr. Polzin & his very fine horse ©

Introducimg the Village Children ©

Peter – Lost boy from the past ©

Mrs. Polzin – also an antagonist. ©
David and Jessica – enjoying their adventure into the past. ©

 6 of 18 illustrations you’ll find in Treasure Trap. 

David and Jessica combine forces with characters from their first adventure who are from the world of Antoch. They valiantly join to fight the evil that has taken over the once peaceful and perfect little village of Skrytyy.

This series is:

  • Well suited for family reading.
  • Recommended as a book study in the classroom (Grades 4-6).
  • Excellent for home schoolers.
  • A great read for the young at heart. 
  • Filled with adventure and suspense. 

UPDATE:  Treasure Trap is available on AMAZON.Com

The RYDER is available on AMAZON.Com

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