For the Love of Books

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Do you love books?

I not talking about just any kind of books. I’m talking about the kind of books you can hold in your hand – with a cover and pages that you can feel and turn.

The kind of book you can put a bookmark in – not a virtual bookmark, a bookmark made of real paper – a book that you keep in your bookshelf along with all your other favorite books.

There’s something about sitting in your most comfortable armchair, with a cup of something on the coffee table next to you, lost in a really great book.

There’s something about sitting at a bus stop, reading, a really good book… or sitting in the park on a sunny afternoon, utterly lost in your favorite genre.

Don’t try to tell me you can do that with an Ipad.

So… besides reading & writing “real” books,  I’m contemplating putting up one of those intriguing mini front-yard – or back-yard  libraries.

For the love of books.

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