MEET our AUTHORS Event May 28, 2016

A FREE event 


homeschoolers – students – educators – parents
creative people

You are invited to: 



Meet our Authors
Meet our Authors


A HeartBeat Productions Inc. Event


Saturday, May 28, 2016 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM


2518 West Railway, downtown Abbotsford

Who is HeartBeat Productions?Background 4 brochure.

A local publishing company helping writers, authors & film makers, publish and promote their works.


What have we got planned?

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage with writers, illustrators, filmmakers & published authors

  • Listen to readings

  • Learn about the writing process

  • Purchase quality books & learning/teaching material

Something for Everyone 

  • Book tables – author signing

  • Activity centre – children & parents get involved in creative learning techniques.

  •  Author readings

  • Door prizes.

  • Character coloring, creative corner.

  • The research aspect (includes photographic slide show) – one author’s research journey for her historical fiction book in the making.

  • Family or class-read literature – includes questions to improve comprehension and creative thought.

  • Illustrators and their illustrations.

  • Fiction & non-fiction representation.

  • The low-down on script writing.


Authors you’ll get to meet:  


Peter Dahl

Peter Dahl 

Here’s what someone has to say about Peter’s teaching material- Foundations for Abundance.

“I regularly walk people through the diagrams that Peter shares in this material  and it is a tremendous valuable resource that helps people see the truth of God’s word clearly.
I have seen so many lives changed through this teaching material.”

Cam Broad – Associate pastor, Discipleship – Central Heights Church, Abbotsford

Lynne Doucette photo for back cover 2016
Lynne Doucette

Lynne’s book – Honestly – a collection of 4 stories featuring strong women.

Inspired by her own life journey and challenges.

Captivating reading that leaves you wanting more.

Lynne is working on her second book – watch for it…


Paul Lamare

 Dr. Paul Lamarre

Paul has developed Annie Ape – a 90 Days to Literacy Program,

which teaches pre-schoolers to learn the alphabet.

His creative learning techniques enhance one’s overall learning process and abilities. 

Everybody loves Paul.


Olu image for promotions

Olu Olabode

Mother of 4, pastor and wife to pastor David Olabode, (Jesus House church) Olu wants to stir up the gift within you.

Her soon to be published book, How to Discover, Develop & Deploy Your Gifts, is a must read, digest and share kind of book.

Olu is a gifted speaker.  


Elisa photo

Elisa Schile

– illustrator and co-author for a series of delightful children’s stories

– adventures with Raphael & Rainbow.

Elisa is an inspiration to young mothers with active little ones underfoot.


Walter Siewert 2

Walter Siewert

Although Walter will not be able to be there – his book will be…

– working on the oil rigs in N. Alberta,

Walter has time to use his creative mind, crafting stories.

Tram Angel is one such book.

You can’t help loving this angel. Tram driver #3.

Husband and father of 4. Outdoors man who loves big game hunting.


Adrian Spitters image

 Adrian Spitters

– author, certified financial planner, Adrian is a leading Canadian

Wealth Management consultant.

Grew up on a dairy farm on Nicomen Island.

Farm expert – knows how to milk cows among other things.


Francis 2

Francis Testa

– author, screenwriter & filmmaker.

Book – To my Beloved Eve…letters from Adam to his wife.

A student of history & Biblical studies.

Script writing expert – and anything to do with filmmaking.

All around fun guy.


Peter Towongo


Peter Towongo 

– minister of the Word, author, teacher, encourager and mentor. 

Peter’s book, POWER, is written to help address your inner struggles and give you step-by-step guidelines to understand, recognize and kindle the power within you. 



  Dr. Win Wachsmann

– speaker, educator, writer, dramatist, publisher, filmmaker

– all around good guy.

Produced a pilot for a TV series with History Channel called Military Miracles.

Addicted to helping others.


Carrie hat image

Dr. Carrie Wachsmann

– storyteller, author, artist, filmmaker, illustrator, mentor.

Books – The Ryder – a fantasy adventure.

The sequel – Treasure Trap – is in the works.

Roadblocks to Hell – fiction based on a true story.

Known to slay dragons!

And tells stories…


 Minde 2

 Minde Wachsmann

– Professional artist & author of the children’s story – Chuzzle’s Incredible Journey.

Co-author – Newfies to the Rescue. (mother- daughter team)

UBC student – Rock climbing expert – ties her own flies.


LInda Z

 Linda Zupancic

– treasure-hunter, is weaving together a historical fiction book based on true events

from 1602 AD Scotland – Skynner Chronicles.

Linda co-writes and illustrates children’s stories with her daughter, Elisa  Schile.

Taught herself to use a loom.


Contact: Carrie Wachsmann
HeartBeat Productions Inc. 604.852.3761
Facebook event page: